Centre Stage

Future A Performing Arts group based at Richmond Annexe



Last years production shown in October

                    FilmAble created animated backdrops for….



 Follow the timeline down from August to November to see rehearsals and animations grow as Centre Stage and FilmAble work across the internet  

  Early dance rehearsal in August

FilmAble animated these drawings for Centre Stage

(Click to make them big)

Jimmy’s great singing
   Pictures from Isaac
  . FilmAble Trainers Paul Adamson and Claire Hodgson starting to animate the drawings

Rehearsals with 6 weeks to go: singing, dancing, drumming – and a little bit of a solo.

  Kayleigh’s horses go for their first gallop

Kayleigh’s beautiful bird tries flying for the first time

 Rehearsals late October in the Civic Hall: Jimmy Tom, Sarah, James, Emma and a Boy Band
  Rough version of wagons in cowboy town – Next week everything will be ready to show!
   November photos from the stars
Final Indian Animation

Here are the two final animations which played on loops throughout the show in December – You can see them on the big screens either side of the stage in the photo at the top of this page.

Indian Animation

  Cowboy Animation