Richmond Annexe

Future A UK Online centre set up to support people with learning disabilities to go online in Whitehaven





Peter Pan 2015

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 2014

Whitehaven Harbour animated by Jimmy, David and John.  
Cooking lunch – The soundtrack for this was created by Stephen.
One of the first rehearsals for ‘Alice’ filmed in the Civic Hall during a workshop partly run by FilmAble Trainer Paul Adamson.
Paul explains how we get our films on the internet.
 Elena explains her knitting.

Music workshop: Filmed in April 2011 during a joint workshop with HFP, FilmAble and a local Musician.

 A Walk in the Park.

Walk on Tuesdays.

Puppet Making: Also in April 2011, a group from Richmond Annexe made their own Puppets during a joint workshop with HFP, FilmAble and a local Artist.

High-Speed Richmond Annexe with Debbie. An animated sequence created in an initial workshop.