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Untapped Potential – Setting Free the Support: Pilots completed. Training Care and Support workers across the public and private sectors, who work with people with learning disabilities and people with dementia.  Call Haltwhistle Film Project or Prism Arts  for more information. 

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Photos from the first Untapped Potential – Setting Free the Support pilot

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 Building a Village – more to follow…



The Magical Garden was made with Carleton Day Centre Art Group  

Two drawn cycles
Two short animated cycles by Steph Weeks made as part of her graphic animation training.
Caroline Harris  worked hard in Photoshop and Wetherspoon’s to make this fantasy slot machine come to life.
This is Maralyn Marks’s first film which she shot and edited individually.
  Three Starfish animations
Three animations completed in workshops partly run by FilmAble animator/trainer Claire Hodgson.  Starfish were preparing an animated backdrop for a show.

Ferris Wheel
Paul Adamson joined FilmAble in September 2010. This was his first animation sequence created using Photoshop layers.


Phoenix Festival
Priory Special School in Hexham asked a crew from FilmAble to make a record of their celebration. FilmAble animators/trainers Marilyn Marks and Claire Hodgson shot and edited the film.  As part of their role they also introduced the screening in school.


Pink Hair
Steph Weeks’s painted world comes alive.

  Sheep Talk
Eileen Shell made this animation as part of her world of animated animals. She is working on a bigger aniimation now.
Trevor’s House
Trevor started work with FilmAble in 2010. This was his first animation.