Future Work from the last 10 years


Hensingsham Day Centre, Whitehaven
A collection of photos from work in Hensingsham. 



See The Perfect Plan and The Missing LinkHERE

Videos – An archive…

Coast to Coast Coast to Coast
(2003) (22 min) (clip)
This film was made with a grant from European year of Disabled People in 2003. It was one of the first partnership films made by Haltwhistle Film Project with Gateway into the Community and Dilston Mencap College.
(2005) (Arts Council)
This project explored the overlap between digital and analogue image making long before Tate Modern caught up.  This clip shows some of the work done by participants with a learning disability. Haltwhistle Film Project ran this programme of artists’ work, workshops and exhibition with a grant from the Arts Council.
Prisoner and the Ball of Evil
(2007) (North West Vision) (12m44s)(clip)
Haltwhistle Film Project trained a crew from Cumbria Day Care who shot a retelling of the 60’s cult hit.  FilmAble now works with some of the veterans of this project.
When I’m 64
(2008) Heritage Lottery (20 min) (clip)
A documentary made in 2008 about the history of 60 years of Mencap.  The crew interviewed Lord Rix in The House of Lords for this project.
Animation St.
Animation Street was created in 2009 as part of the Hexamation animation course run for Newcastle College, where several FilmAble animators started.  The course was run by Haltwhistle Film Project and now runs at their Haltwhistle premises.

A clip from 2009 showing animations made by ten different people.