Meet the Team

Future Who we are and our roles or involvment


 Paul Adamson

Paul has been with us for six years. He oversaw the commissioning of the website in 2011 and is now develops it for us. Paul has a role as trainer, and continues to work extensively in both West Cumbria and in Northumberland. He has provided training within a variety of mainstream and special schools as well as colleges, day centres and residential care homes. As part of his work within the FilmAble initiative Paul also part presents projects to external audiences. In 2011 he part presented a project to a Community Media Association Roadshow in Preston but more recently at a UK Online e-Reading Rooms Project Evaluation Event in Sheffield in February 2012. As part of his role in FilmAble’s work on the West Coast, Paul was invited to attend a UK Online presentation at The House of Lords three years ago.



Claire Hodgson

Claire has been with the company since its establishment in 2009 and as a trainer, she has worked with Prism Arts in Carlisle and has partly run workshops in Hexham’s Priory School. Her previous projects have also included a commission to make an animation within a tourist promotional film, Hello Housesteads!  funded by Northumberland National Park, and a documentary for Eden Mencap. Claire has also written and directed two films, The Perfect Plan  its Sequel The Missing Link. . In May 2011 Claire attended an event at Tullie House Museum and was part of a crew filming a documentary for our partner Prism Arts.  



Carol Nichol

Carol became part of FilmAble in 2009. She was project leader on a commission to produce a training film for young doctors. Based on young people’s health it was funded through Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. Carol has also written and directed Toxic McBunny, an animated film which was shown at the  D’Oscars Open Film Festival in Hexham. She has recently supported the screening of a series of short films which was written and directed by her. Burrowdale is now available to watch on our website. Carol is now being scripted and will be under production shortly



Marilyn Marks

Marilyn has a role as trainer within FilmAble. She has produced various documentaries, designed animated sequences and has part run workshops at James Rennie School in Carlisle. Working with FilmAble since 2009 and Haltwhistle Film Project for many years, Marilyn has also  worked on sound for Burrowdale. She played Matilda in the soap. In May last year Marilyn filmed another documentary based on an event held at Tullie House Museum by our partner Prism Arts in May. She is currently working on two projects. Marilyn has started work on a year long project funded by The Heritage Lottery. She has recently finished working on a second commission for Tynedale Horticultural Society at their Hepscott Park site near Morpeth.



Caroline Harris

Caroline Harris worked with Haltwhistle Film Project before becoming part of the team. She is a keen animator and has produced films shown at The D’Oscars Open Film Festival. Recent animations include Legomation, and Potatomation. Caroline won an award at The 2012 D’Oscars Open Film Festival for her“Potatomation” animation.  In May last year Caroline was part of a crew that filmed an event held at Tullie House Museum by our partner Prism Arts “Arts for All”. Recently she has played the role of Jordan, Mr. MacGregor’s long suffering wife in Burrowdale and will be developing that role in the second series



 Tessa Bolt

Tessa joined us in 2013. She has been involved in many commissions, from pre- through to post-production. She played Josephine in Burrowdale and has also produced and directed her own short film, “The Human Cracker”  She has also interviewed the Duchess of Northumberland for the commission Potting On.


 Trevor Hardy

Trevor has worked with FilmAble for three years and continues to produce animated films. He worked with Carol Nichol providing a spectacular voiceover in a film written and directed by her. Trevor also played an important role in the sequel to the Perfect Plan as the Lady Mayoress’s downtrodden husband Oscar. Since he has continued to work with Carol being part of a film crew that shot her soap opera, Burrowdale. He is now working with Charlie Mitchell to make a documentary about Filmable. This is now in post-production



Andrew Murphy

Andrew worked with Starfish Theatre Company in Carlisle for six years before becoming part of the FilmAble initiative in 2011. He has played the main role in the initiative’s first two films, The Perfect Plan and The Missing Link (the sequel to the Perfect Plan) as evil Mr Veena.  Andrew has part lead the running of filmmaking workshops based upon The Perfect Plan in Wigton and Carlisle. He has recently played the main role in The Missing Link (the sequel to the Perfect Plan) as Mr Veena. He has recently played the main role in Burrowdale as Mr. MacGregor.


 Matthew Dennis

Matthew played the enthusiastic and intelligent Charles in The Perfect Plan and The Missing Link. He now works on our Loss Leader commissions with other team members and is mainly responsible for editing during the post production process of some films. Mathew recently played Watson in Burrowdale.


 Adam Couling

Adam played Henry the innocent sweetshop owner in The Perfect Plan. He developed that role in the films sequel.


 Shaun Liddle

Shaun also worked with Starfish before starting to work with FilmAble in 2011.  He has since worked on films such as Prisoner and the Ball of Evil as an actor but more recently on sound for Burrowdale.  Shaun is often responsible for the smooth running of sets during production.  He has partly run training workshops based upon The Perfect Plan in Wigton and Carlisle.


 Alan Davis

Alan has worked with FilmAble since 2011 and has completed his first animation “Boats” which was shown at 2012 D’Oscars Open Film Festival. He was cast  as the pub landlord of “The Carrot Inn” featured in Carol Nichol’s soap Burrowdale 


 Jack Purvis-Hislop

Jack also started to work with us in 2012 after leaving school. He had the role of lead camera man within the film crew shooting our new production, The Missing Link. An animation sequence created by him was shown at the 2012 D’Oscars Open Film Festival.


Charlie Mitchell

Charlie started working with us in 2013. His first animation “Tissues” was shown at the D’Oscars Film Festival that year. Since starting Charlie has also provided a voice over for the Perfect Plan’s sequel, The Missing Link which has toured from Coast to Coast. He has recently played  Sherlock in Burrowdale.


Mark Lee

Mark was previously involved with our partner Prism Arts and subsequently joined us two years ago. He has already become an important member of our initiative. His most important part recently has been to play the role of Dr. Bumbleton in Burrowdale







Vicky Jones

Director- Haltwhistle Film Project.  Vicky has been an independent filmmaker for over 25 years.  As part of her work she has worked with learning disabled filmmakers for most of that time.




 Marc McKiernan

Director- Haltwhistle Film Project.  Marc has taught in all phases of education, and has worked with learning disabled filmmakers for over 20 years. 



 Peter Watson

Director- Haltwhistle Film Project. Peter works with our partner Dilston College. He has been involved with the FilmAble Initiative since its establishment in 2009.



Robin Catnach

Robin works with our partner Gateway into the Community as sessional worker. He has supported the work of  the FilmAble Initiative since January 2010.  






Ali McCaw

Ali is Lead Artist at Prism Arts in Cumbria, and has a great deal of experience working with learning disabled performers.  Haltwhistle Film Project and FilmAble have a well established relationship and have worked with Prism Arts on many projects over the last 12 years. Ali continues to support FilmAble recently working with Carol Nichol to develop her script for Series 1 of Burrowdale.


Sue Mitchell

Sue is a professional Drama Practitioner. She has supported FilmAble with costumes and make-up as well as coaching some of the casts in our films.


 Mark Newport

Mark has huge experience working with learning disabled groups  helping them make musical decisions. He recently worked with Carol Nichol to produce music for her soap, Burrowdale.



 Alan Robson

Alan is a professional modelmaker and further education tutor. He has supporrted FilmAble since 2011 with a variety of projects including set design for animations, the design of clapperboards for the 2012 D’Oscars Open Film Festival and  the construction of various contraptions used for a scene in The Missing Link.