Future We are a project to set up a film production company for people with learning disabilities within Haltwhistle Film Project



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Train FinalJosh testing some projected set designs for FilmAble’s work on Sill to Sea  a Heritage Lottery project with Headway Arts. Performances in March 2020

Four Corners (Mark Lee 2019)

Bolt out of the Blue (Tessa Bolt 2019) 

Swan Bride (Tessa Bolt 2018)


Office Mayhem (Tessa Bolt 2018) – When Things Go Wrong in the Office


Tall Ships (Martin Roberts 2018) – Whe the ships came to Sunderland


Set in Stone:

A  commission from the Hexham Abbey Heritage Lottery Programme


Set In Stone – Hexham Abbey Premiere

@ Hexham Abbey 



Take Control – A film about Hate Crime: Made by Haltwhistle Film project for the Home Office Prevent programme with Carlisle Mencap 


Is It OK? was made with Carlisle Mencap and launched nationally 

Watch  here – 8 episodes… 

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Read about Untapped Potential – Setting Free the Support a training programme for care and support workers funded through Northern Rock Foundation and Northstar Ventures, which we are working on with Prism Arts

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